My teacher scolded me because I take the same mistake again and again….

My score improved 5 points.but James is not satisfied with my score.because I keep the same mistake. I thought he is like my former colleague that I used to worked in the hospital. I I was often scolded by him. I have to study harder, I thought.

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まい ~異世界にアクセスする人~

平成元年生まれ女性。神戸市在住。B型。乙女座。 関西大学法学部卒。英語が得意で、TOEICは公式テストで830点。 趣味は、料理・読書・SNS・美容・内観です。 韓国も大好きで、KPOPをよく聞きます。韓国語話せます。 好きな俳優は韓国の、ヒョンビン♡


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