V-olet injections-How to get a beautiful KPOP IDOL V-line face 韓国美容皮膚科で二重顎の解消方法 


There are roughly 3 way to get better your V line

1)V-olet  ブイオレット注射。
ブイオレット注射は、脂肪細胞そのものを壊すので 二重顎を撲滅することができるのです。


V-olet injections can reduce fat dramatically longer and permanently compared to traditional lipolytic injections. In contrast to ordinary lipolytic injections that simply make fat cells smaller,
Buiolet injections can eliminate the double jaw because they destroy the fat cells themselves.

However, if you take this three times in a row once a month, the effect is likely to last for about 1 year and a half a year.
Therefore, even if you give a V-olet injection, the most effective thing is to take it about three times in a row every month.

It costs high about 40,0000W
V-olet injections are higher compared to conventional lipolytic injections.
At the place I received, it was about 38,000 yen per time。


it depends where you take this .

2) ULUSELA ,Tensela ウルセラなどのハイフ

This is HIFE 次にいい方法はハイフです。

It costs more expenseive ハイフはV-oletなどの注射よりもさらに高額です。

It is about 100,0000W each . 

If you imagine about 100,000 yen for about 300 shots.
For people with a lot of double jaws, 300 shots is not enough, it is better to hit 600-900 shots.
Furthermore, the hyphen is the ground in terms of land. And we recommend simultaneous treatment with Thermacool.
Thermacool is what prepares the surface of the skin.


3)Thread lift   糸リフト

The thread lift inserts a number of physically melting threads into the cheeks.

In the case of sagging cheeks and wrinkles due to aging, it can be improved by adding about 9 cheeks to the entire face.
The approximate cost is about 300,000 yen. However, this is the case in Korea. If it’s Japan, it’s worse and more expensive.



4)インモード Inmode

Inmode has no downtime and is less painful than hyphens such as Ursera.
It is a treatment that approaches fat cells by applying heat. This is inexpensive and can be done in about two places for about 7000-8000 yen. If it is one place, you can get a treatment at a cosmetic dermatologist for about 4000 yen.


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